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This writing service has been established since 1997, so we were expecting a pretty decent essay in return. Essay writing is a tough field to stay in, so the fact that they have lasted so long speaks volumes about their service. This company offered professional writing services at a very nice price. Continue reading review

True to its name, we got our essay on time. This company is based in the US, but takes on clients from all around the world. We found their academic works to be very strong and the answers to our essay questions were very lucid and thought out. There was no hint of a rewrite or sloppy fluffing up of wordage in order to meet word counts. Continue reading review

Upon first impressions of the website, we thought that this company was just for higher education and high level written work. It isn’t, but it really should be, as they have honed their dissertation skills to a razor sharp edge. Of all of our dissertation writing services reviews, we have to admit that this one is near the top, if not the best. Continue reading review

Our first impression of this company was a little mixed, as at the top it says they have 150 writers, and on the side it says they have 500 writers. So, we were not expecting it to be one of the best writing websites. They were better than we thought they would be, but still made the whole process a little too convoluted. Continue reading